Hey, I am Faraz

I am a full-stack developer who is passionate about building products. Currently, I am helping build Daycation while also working on a bunch of side projects.

Photo of Faraz Patankar
Photo by our tour guide at Nusa Penida

I've spent a major part of the past three years working as a full-stack developer. In that time, I've mostly worked with Ruby on Rails and NodeJS on the backend and plain JavaScript/jQuery and ReactJS on the frontend.

On a more personal level, I am in a very trying to figure myself out place right now. I've also been traveling and have been in four different countries this year.

Checkout my now page to see what I am up to right now.


  • Try Indigo - Built for travelers around the world looking to make hassle-free travel plans.
  • No Save Number - A tool that allows you to Whatsapp people without saving their number.
  • Sudoku Variants - A platform to play variations of Sudoku.
  • Is Tomorrow A Dry Day - A super simple app which tells you if tomorrow is a dry day or not. Also has a mailing list for people who'd like to be notified.
  • FPL Bot - A simple Whatsapp bot that lets you access Fantasy Premier League information without having to leave the app.


  • Front-end Developer @ Daycation

    Nov 2018 - Current

  • Senior Developer @ Blimp Design

    Mar 2018 - Oct 2018

  • Full-stack Developer @ Avanti Learning Centres

    Jul 2016 - Oct 2017

  • Teaching Assistant @ Ironhack

    Mar 2016 - Jun 2016


  • Site is built using the static site generator 11ty.
  • Template code makes use of Nunjucks.
  • Styles are written in vanilla CSS.
  • Site is hosted and built using Netlify.


Current location
Mumbai, India.

Websites I visit
Github, YouTube, Reddit, Trello, Product Hunt

Apps I use
VSCode, Slack, iTerm2, Station, Spotify, Spectacle

Music I listen to
Prateek Kuhad, Coke Studio, Nucleya, Imagine Dragons

These days, I find myself being inspired by two kinds of people. People chasing their dreams and people trying to make a difference by going out of their way or using their skills to help others.